Terminal Illness Aid—Before And After The Funeral Home

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There are many different ailments that let people know they are for certain on their path to death. Terminal illnesses are very sad and they can be hard to get through, for everyone involved. When you hear that a friend of yours has a family battling a terminal illness, you know they will have to contact funeral homes in Lowell, MA about final services at some point. Whether the time has come for those types of services yet or not, you can support your friend through their grieving process. Here are a few options to consider.

Stay Close Throughout

Many people don’t know how to handle someone who is passing away, much less someone who is going through the process from the healthy side of the bed. Your friend is going through a range of emotions and they might feel rather lonely as well. There are some people in their life who will just fall away because they don’t know what to say or do. Stay close to your friend. Send them meals, check in with texts, take them coffee, and be a good friend. They need that support now and well into the future.

Don’t Avoid Talking About The Person Passing

Once the person who had the illness passes on, other people in your friend’s life might want them to go back to normal and they will avoid talking about that person in order to help your friend not to feel the pain any longer. They’re going to feel the pain—they are grieving. But as their friend, you should not avoid bringing up their loved one. If you think of something they used to do that made you smile, say it out loud. Let your friend talk about them as well and it can really help them with their grieving as they keep the memories alive.

Let Them Guide The Topic

When you get together with your friend for coffee and a chat, let them guide the topic you are discussing. If they want to talk about their loved one, their illness, and what they went through when that person passed, let them. On the other hand, there might be times in their grieving process where they want to get away from that topic and talk about other things. If they want to talk about work or something else, let them.

funeral homes in Lowell, MA
Help Around Their Life

Your friend might need a lot of extra help around their life when they are going through the loss of a family member during a terminal illness. They might not have time to mow or clean, for example, because they are spending time with their loved one or because they are making final service plans. Try to fill in some of the gaps that they can’t get to right now and they will really appreciate it later on.

When you know someone facing a loved one’s terminal illness and the inevitable plans with funeral homes in Lowell, MA that result from that, the professionals at Morse-Bayliss Funeral Home can help you support them, too.

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