Additional Services and Facilities

Graveside Service

A funeral service held at the graveside is coordinated, supervised, and attended by our staff.

Memorial Service

A funeral service held at the funeral home in memorial of the passing of your loved one with a picture or possibly with the cremains coordinated and supervised by our staff.

Use of Facilities and Staff for Visitation

A visitation service is also known as viewing hours, calling hours, a wake, or a reception, and may be held at our funeral home or at an off-site location. Our staff coordinates and supervises every aspect of preparing for the visitation of family and friends.

Other Preparation of Body
  • Sanitary care, washing, and disinfection when no embalming is planned
  • Special cosmetics when no embalming is planned
  • Hair dressing
  • Restorative work when necessary (we charge at a per-hour rate)
  • An extra charge will apply for the preparation of an autopsied body
Modern Hearse

We are required by Massachusetts law to use a vehicle registered as a hearse to carry your loved one from his/her place of passing to our funeral home, and to his/her final resting place. Several other vehicles are used on the day of the funeral, and limousines are available. With a modern interior and ample lighting in the rear casket compartment gives an elegant look for your loved one’s last ride. Our fleet includes a number of modern hearses, as well as SUVs and luxury limousine for your loved ones.

Antique Hearse

This 1927 Velie Henney hearse was purchased at a Hershey, PA swap meet in 1994 because Jim Sr. always wanted an antique motorized hearse. However, after buying the vehicle sight unseen, he was disappointed to find that it needed extensive repairs. It was not until 1997 when Ed Smith, a Tyngsboro resident, attended a wake at Dolan Funeral Home and noticed the antique hearse and offered to restore it. With the help of Tom Plourde and Dave Koziol, Ed Smith spent a year rebuilding, salvaging, and recreating unavailable parts. (see original Chelmsford Independent, Thursday, November 12, 1998 article)

A winner at the Dracut Road Runners Classic Car Show, it was granted Antique status by the state of Massachusetts. It is frequently used for local parades and funerals (weather permitting). Call or contact us if you are interested in using our 1927 Velie Henney Hearse for your loved one’s funeral procession.

Deceased Preparation Options
Embalming is not required by law, except in certain special cases. Embalming may be necessary if you choose to have a viewing as part of the funeral arrangements, but may not be necessary if you choose to have a direct cremation or an immediate burial as part of the funeral arrangements.
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