Saving The Budget With Funeral Home Services

funeral homes in Lowell, MA

No one wants to have to spend money with funeral homes in Lowell, MA because it means a loved one has died and that’s never going to be easy. However, life happens and along with it, death comes. If you need certain services for a loved one and you want other things for them to give them what they deserve, there are things you can do on the budget you have in mind. Set the budget, let the funeral home know what you can spend, and move forward with the plans from there. 


Fundraise If There’s A Need

If your budget is small enough that you can’t even afford the basics for the funeral service, you may have to find some more money for the process. You can ask family if they are able to chip in or you can use memorial funds that come in from friends. You might also consider fundraising projects that can help you gather the money you need. People will likely be a lot more willing to help than you expect. 


Consider Free Venues

There are lots of different locations that you can use for a final service. While some of them have costs associated, there are others that are inexpensive of even free. It just takes some checking and perhaps some phone calls. You might be able to use your family church, for example, for the funeral or another location that won’t charge you much, if anything. That can help you get what you need for your loved one without breaking the budget. 


The Reception Can Be A Potluck

You don’t have to cater the reception for the guests you plan to invite. Instead, you can have the reception be more of a potluck. Put one person in charge and let them set things up among the family members and friends who will attend. Everyone can bring a dish and you will likely have plenty. You don’t have to spend anything at all and if you have the reception in another free venue, that can cost you nothing there as well. 

funeral homes in Lowell, MA

Consider Direct Cremation

There are a variety of service options that can help you with your budget. Funerals are more costly than cremation and if you go with direct cremation, you can spend even less. Direct cremation is honorable and respectful, but it’s also the most cost-effective method. There’s nothing wrong with going for cremation is that’s all you can afford. 

There are plenty of ways you can work in your budget with funeral homes in Lowell, MA, and the professionals at Morse-Bayliss Funeral Home are here to help with any need you have. Contact us if you keep the final service on the small side, for example, that can help to cut back on costs. We have plenty of ideas as to where you can save money and where you might spend more to get what you want. We want to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit. 

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